20th September 2023

Optimizing your budget; How can we streamline the amount of resources to be mobilized? How can we maximize the availability of our assets? How can we leverage any time spent project managing maintenance and the interface between various sub-contractors?

In today’s ever challenging world, the concept of guaranteeing ‘value for money’ is all too important – especially when that money is drawn from your operational and maintenance budget.

Wind Energy Is Now.

Looking back at the 2023 Wind Energy exhibition events one message is clear – Wind Energy is now. Halls are bursting at the seams with companies specializing in innovations and solutions the on/offshore wind industry has to offer. Demand for greener energy is commonplace news and priorities for countries globally. Where we believe the challenge now lies is in making sure that the critical infrastructure put in place for this future is one that can be sustained, one that is planned for and protected to ensure long term viability.

Poor maintenance planning or design in the project development stage, will undoubtedly lead to increased maintenance costs. Contractual penalties, inefficiently executed maintenance programmes, reduced turbine availability, personnel exposure to unnecessary health & safety risks by additional visits offshore, ever increasing plant & equipment failures and costly breakdown repairs

The Future.

Our innovative coating technologies for increasing asset lifetime and more were discussed in our latest article in Wind Energy Network Magazine, Learn how optimizing your budget when maintaining renewable energy systems is achievable when Easy-Qote is part of the solution.


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 maintaining renewable energy systems and optimizing your budget with easyqote