Flame Control Coatings – Intumescent Coatings for Fire Protection. Since 1974, Flame Control has been providing innovative fire-retardant coatings to meet strict building and fire codes. Featuring paints, varnishes and mastics, these thin-film coatings provide rated protection while still maintaining the aesthetics of traditional architectural coatings.

About Flame Control Coatings

Focusing on combustible substrates, Flame Control has been specified by thousands of architects, engineers and code officials around the globe. Whether it is reducing the flame spread of exposed wood or increasing the fire endurance of construction assemblies, Flame Control has a solution to meet the code.

Usage of these coatings spans almost every market. From Residential to Commercial to Industrial, Flame Control Intumescent coatings provide practical solutions to a multitude of code requirements. Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Nursing Homes, Schools, Retail Spaces, Multi-family housing complexes and many other sectors all rely on Flame Control products to safeguard lives and protect property.

Flame Control also offer heat resistant paints and primers under the TemperKote brand. These coatings are designed for harsh service environments with temperatures up to 1500’F such as furnaces, tanks, heat exchangers, ovens, stacks, automotive applications and any other metal surfaces that experience high temperatures.

Features & Benefits

  • Meets a wide array of codes and standards
  • VOC compliant products
  • Appearance of standard architectural coatings
  • Multitude of sheens and finishes available
  • Extensive testing catalog
  • 3rd party evaluation reports and UL listings
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • No complex application requirements
  • Unmatched technical and specification assistance