COVALENCE® – The original Heat-shrinkable Technology, we invented it in 1957.  The product line consists of a series of 2- and 3-layer heat-shrinkable sleeves for applications including pipeline field joint corrosion prevention, mechanical protection, and sealing of district heating and district cooling pipelines.

Product Range

About Covalence

The product line consists of a series of heat-shrinkable multi-layer sleeves that have high electrical resistance and low permeability, making them the optimal solution for corrosion prevention for steel pipelines and sealing of pre-insulated piping systems.  The products consist of an irradiation cross-linked & stretched polyolefin backing with an adhesive laminated on in order to form the basic product.  The adhesive may be either visco-elastic based mastic or co-polymer hot melt adhesives to match up with in-service performance requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Irradiation Cross-linked polyethylene and polypropylene backings
  • Adhesives formulated for maximum corrosion prevention at low, ambient and high pipeline operating temperatures
  • 100% solids epoxy primers for 3-layer systems utilizing "wet-system" application technology
  • Products tailored for specific applications from large diameter water pipelines to high temperature oil & gas pipelines
  • Global sales and technical support teams