Dhatec® - Assets In Transit Deserve Optimal Care. Dhatec preserves the integrity of infrastructure assets from manufacturing to installation. By educating ourselves and the market, we will continuously pioneer engineered solutions to provide the safest and most efficient ways of protecting assets in transit. We specialize in preservation and logistics solutions for odd shaped assets, currently mainly focused on line pipes. Through a global network of partners and applicators, these solutions will be available anywhere and anytime.

About Dhatec®

Dhatec represents a strong history in (line) pipe protection by offering safe, efficient and calculated solutions in manufacturing, preservation and logistics portfolio. Dhatec has a proven track record since 1992 and has a legacy based upon an innovative & entrepreneurial character. We aim to continuously bring new and improved solutions for protecting assets in transit in existing and (re)new(able) markets. What we do best: offering the best protection where it matter most. We do this by keeping people safe, preserving the integrity of the asset and maximize efficiencies in logistics processes from manufacturing till installation.

Features & Benefits

  • Taking care of assets in transit
  • Specialized in preservation and logistics
  • Strong recognition with Pipe mills and Coaters
  • Expanding to new markets including – renewables energy
  • Premium positioning around safety and efficiency
  • Engineered, calculated solutions
  • Influencing specifications with proven concepts