ANODEFLEX™ - Impressed current flexible linear anodes for cathodic protection of buried pipelines, in-plant piping and storage tanks, plus a flexible AC mitigation electrode to effectively dissipate induced AC current.

Product Range

About Anodeflex

Anodeflex linear anode products uniformly distribute small amounts of current close to the structure which minimizes interference issues.

Anodeflex products are well suited for high resistivity or non-homogeneous soils where conventional deep well ground bed systems will struggle to achieve consistent current flow.  Anodeflex AC mitigation products are specifically designed as a grounding system for pipelines that may be subject to the effects of stray current. They consist of a bare copper conductor and special fill material that enhances the performance of the copper and by increasing the effective surface area and improves contact to earth.

Features & Benefits

  • New construction or rehabilitation of pipelines and tanks
  • Uniformly distributes small amount of current close to the structure
  • Suitable for high resistivity or non-homogeneous soils
  • Installation close to the structure minimizes interference issues
  • Low installation and energy cost