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Cathodic protection & AC mitigation


Impressed current flexible linear anodes for cathodic protection

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About Anodeflex

Distributing small amounts of current, close to the structure, which minimizes interference issues

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High resistivity or non-homogeneous soils where conventional deep well ground bed systems will struggle to achieve consistent current flow.

AC mitigation products

They consist of a bare copper conductor and special fill material that enhances the performance of the copper and by increasing the effective surface area and improves contact to earth.

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Features & Benefits

  • New construction or rehabilitation of pipelines and tanks
  • Uniformly distributes a small amount of current close to the structure
  • Suitable for high resistivity or non-homogeneous soils
  • Installation close to the structure minimizes interference issues
  • Low installation and energy cost

Protecting the future 

Protecting the future 

Protecting the future 

Simple Installation

No additional backfill is required for the anode

Supplied on a reel it can be laid alongside pipelines using standard cable laying equipment, such as a hydraulic back hoe equipped with cable laying equipment. It can be laid by hand in congested areas or beneath tank floors.

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Anodeflex In Numbers

Placed alongside a pipe or other buried metal structure, Anodeflex provides uniform cathodic protection over the full length of the protected structure of buried pipelines, in-plant piping and storage tanks, plus a flexible AC mitigation electrode to effectively dissipate induced AC current

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Proven in-service performance in the pipeline industry


Design life expectancy


Typically achieved using a back hoe and cable laying equipment per day