20th September 2021

Corrosion costs.

The degradation of assets costs money to repair, replace and maintain; that cost can be 3-5 times more expensive if it’s reactive and not planned.

It costs valuable time: a halt in production while repairs are carried out, time spent searching for the failure when it’s not easily visible, and time when personnel are put on hold as safety becomes an issue.

In 2002 NACE (now AMPP) estimated the annual cost of corrosion to be $276 billion in the US alone. This year further studies have been completed estimating the cost to Canada to be $51.9 billion USD annually, and $78 billion to Australasia. These are big numbers and countries are looking to what actions can be taken to lessen this impact and cost.

Add to this the growing economic pressures of the last year and the problem only seems larger.

Maintenance budgets are frequently under pressure to be reduced or reallocated. This often means preventative maintenance spend is reduced and instead the focus is shifted to reactionary fixes or applying a short-term solution.

The cycle will continue if we don’t change the process.

What if we looked at things differently?

What if we sourced the best and most effective protection solutions for our assets, and even considered combining technologies?

We could be cost-effective, allocate time for preventative maintenance, and potentially use solutions that do not halt production or use solutions that have a small footprint for application meaning business can continue as usual.

Integration of coating and sealant solutions at the installation phase would eliminate early failures, with environmentally friendly solutions reducing the risk to HSE. The use of these technologies in maintenance could extend asset lifetime reducing expenditure on capex and opex, allowing funds to be invested in development and new technology.

Overall, we could reduce those high estimated costs to economies across the globe, and protect the future.

So how do you identify the right solutions for your business?

You look to a company that has a long history in the coating and sealing market, across multiple industries: 60+ years of experience, track records, and successes from multiple brands demonstrating a wide range of situations and applications. Experience and certified personnel to advise and recommend.

Consider a company with a wide range of technologies, many brands and products that can be used together for ultimate protection. Brands that have their own track records and have come together for strength and best practice. Brands that research, test, innovate and develop new products to provide the best for their customers.

Work with a company with a global reach, with partners and customers in more than 90 countries and over 800 employees supporting them. A company providing solutions that are relevant to over 25 industry sectors and 1000s of application types.

A company dedicated to being the leading provider of coating and sealing solutions to infrastructure markets.

So how can we help you?

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