9th April 2024

Let’s talk Linear Anode Technology.

Anodeflex is the most robust and effective linear anode and grounding electrode available on the market. Ideal applications include cathodic protection of pipelines, above ground storage tanks, and utility infrastructure as well as electrical grounding for AC interference and substation grounding grids.

The most advanced dimensionally stable materials are assembled with precision manufacturing for consistent and reliable performance. Customers have options of polymeric and mixed metal oxide (MMO) primary anode materials for the cathodic protection line, and our AC electrode offers multiple copper cable gauges for various attenuation and fault current needs.

Our titanium substrate MMO line of products includes a broad range of current capacity choices as well as a copper cored titanium substrate option, for best in class current attenuation performance. Additionally, the primary anode is electrically reinforced with a
redundant parallel cable connection at ten foot internals for fail safe operation and enhanced current distribution.

Engineered packing with industry leading calcined coke, within a synthetic casing and durable polypropylene braiding, results in an simple and ready for installation product. Anodeflex is the safest and highest quality solution for cathodic protection and grounding applications.

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