26th May 2023

Wind turbines globally face a variety of challenging conditions; warm winds, cold winds, strong winds, 360’ exposure, constant waves, sand storms, changing temperatures, hail, rain, snow. They have, and will, see it all.

These circumstances are the perfect recipe for causing corrosion to creep into crevices, at flange connections, ladders and walkways, and to the protective paint coatings applied at the start. All these elements in a downward spiral lead to further corrosion and in turn eventually can cause structural failures.

In order to help the wind industry excel in our renewable energy market, we need to provide protection to these assets so that they can last longer, so we can make renewable energy truly sustainable.


Powered by STOPAQ, EasyQote products are doing just that – providing vital protection to the industry with their simple and efficient solutions.

EasyQote is a polymeric coating designed with the concept that a corrosion solution could be applied simply as a sticker rather than painting or spraying. It is 100% plant based and therefore safe for both user and the environment as well as being simple to apply.

This latest evolution of technology from STOPAQ comes from a history of innovation and a track record of success. STOPAQ was the permanent corrosion solution first brought to market in 1983 as a sealing solution, followed by the WrappingBand technology in 1997. The brand continues to innovate with the EasyQote range of products and a new high temperature WrappingBand product that was successfully completed and patented last year.


To see examples of where our products are providing protection you can access the full article online here

This article was published in Wind Energy Network Magazine May 2023