20th September 2023

Introducing the EcoPlug – Your Solution for Sustainable Pipe End Closure. ­čî┐

At Dhatec, we’re committed to innovation and sustainability, and we’re thrilled to introduce our latest product: the EcoPlug. Paired with our Bevel protector, this powerful combination is simplifying the way you close your pipe ends while reducing environmental impact.

­čîŹ Eco-Friendly: The EcoPlug is designed with the environment in mind. All it`s components are fully recyclable.

­čĺŞ Economically: This new plug is a financial attractive choice.

­čĺ¬ Durable: This plug is just like our Bevel Protector, made to last!

ÔĆ▒´ŞĆ Easy Installation: Installing the EcoPlug is a breeze. It’s designed for efficiency, saving you time and effort on the job.
(Installation time under 30 seconds per pipe end!)

You can see below just how easy the product is to install


For enquiries or more information, please feel free to contact the Sales Department:
Email: Sales@dhatec.nl
Phone: +31 (0) 497 542 527
Website: www.dhatec.nl

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