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Mahangar Gas Ltd selected Powercrete DD for their HDD Project

20th July 2023

Installing natural gas pipelines

Mahangar Gas Ltd needed to install a new supply of compressed natural gas to the city of Mumbai, in addition, the facility would provide gas to the new Mumbai international airport.

Deep installation

The project required installing the 8” diameter pipe under the Belapur Creek at 29 meters deep. The biggest challenge of this project was the time constraints. The contractor had only one opportunity to complete the project with no deviation.

Many considerations will have taken place prior to this operation, a full site investigation to consider the geological factors, topographical and hydrographical data along with pipe diameter and construction, drilling timing and site integrity. You can learn more about site investigation requirements for HDD here .

Powercrete DD

Utilising Powercrete DD The pipe emerged intact after the pull though in an extremely rocky soil and difficult boring conditions. The project was completed without damage to the pipeline or coating.