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Splash Zone Jetties

17th June 2022

Asset life extension in the splash zone

Located in Trieste, Italy, the Jetty Pile project started in 2012 and has since been ongoing with the rehabilitation of over 450 Piles to date.

Whilst the splash zone area had been maintained over the years, previous methods were not withstanding the harsh conditions for long. STOPAQ was selected as the preferred option to provide a long term, durable solution.

The piles were coated, pre installation, with an undefined epoxy coating still showing good adhesion in the dry area / above water line.

Whilst the splash zone area had been maintained over the years with various epoxy coatings, some showed better results than others. However failure was frequently seen right after applicaion (within 1-6 weeks)


Other failures were seen due to salt entrapment and cracking of the system over a period of 2 to 5 years in service. Whilst regular maintenance and re-coating was set to every 4 years, cracks were still appearing and corrosion was spreading under the film

Following a review, STOPAQ was selected as an alternative and more durable solution to the corrosion issues being seen on the jetty piles.  Flexible application makes it possible to interrupt the application at any time. Making it possible to continue terminal operations and avoid or minimize cost. Below water and above water can be applied separately in preference due to weather , sea and time restrictions.


Surface preparation required High Pressure Waterjetting, 300Bar to grade: ST2-3, removal of existing coating by induction heating in the dry area. STOPAQ products used to provide the vital protection were: Wrappingband WSH(SZ), Intermediate Outerwrap PVC – yellow, Stopaq Wrappingband CZH, Outerwrap PVC – Black, Outerglass Shield XT

STOPAQ preventative materials do not harden or cure and keep their unique characteristics throughout the lifetime of the asset. They are impermeable to water and oxygen corrosion, two ingredients that cause corrosion.

You can see here a Pile quality check after years in services shows no corrosion or visible defects.


Protecting the future 

Protecting the future 

Protecting the future 


Rehabilitated to date, providing long term asset integrity


Dive Crew



STOPAQ Protective Coatings Provide

A permanent, environmentally friendly, corrosion prevention solution

-45 to 95 'C

Asset operating temperatures

+30 years

Proven long term asset protection


Square meters of maintenance free assets