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High Priority for the Mexican Government

Protecting 85 Miles of Pipeline in Mexico

The Performance Coatings division recently secured most of the coatings needed for the El Cuchillo II Aqueduct in Mexico.

20th July 2023

Long term corrosion protection

This project is a high priority for the Mexican Government with the aim to add another aqueduct to the dam delivering much needed water to the urban area of Monterrey by the end of the year.

85 Miles

The 84”pipeline will run 85 miles and DuraShield 110 has been selected to provide both the interior lining and exterior coating, because of its flexible application characteristics to suit the multiple applicators involved with the project, while providing long-term corrosion protection to ensure reduced ongoing maintenance.

The coating is also ANSI 61 NSF “drinking water” approved.

Total Solutions

This project is ongoing in 2023, but in addition SFL’s WaterWrap product was recently approved for use on the project, and we have received the first order.