Polyken® Synergy Fused Polyethylene Coating

A multi-layer, fused polyethylene plant-applied coating system

Synergy™ is a multilayer plant-applied coating system consisting of a thermally activated primer, cross-linked, thermoplastic elastomer layer, and a tough polyolefin top layer. During application the three layers are fused, resulting in strong mechanical and chemical bonds that maximize performance. Thermal fusion generates mechanical toughness and superior anti-corrosión properties that ensure long-term pipeline protection.

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Polyken® Synergy Fused Polyethylene Coating
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Features & Benefits


  • Thermally Fused Polymeric System
  • Impermeable to Oxygen and Moisture
  • High Shear Resistance
  • Low Cathodic Protection Costs
  • Low plant capital investment


  • Creates a tough and permanent coating
  • Superior in-ground performance
  • Can be used in all soil stress environments
  • Saving cost over the life of the pipeline.
  • Excellent for remote locations and small projects

Product Range

Code Name Description
Available on request Polyken 3019 A thermally activated primer
Available on request Polyken 3000 A cross-linked, thermoplastic elastomer layer
Available on request Polyken 3056 A tough polyolefin top layer


Name Description Language Download
PDS Polyken Synergy Polyken Synergy Data Sheet English download
PDS Polyken 3019 Liquid Adhesive Poyken 3019 Data Sheet English download

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