Sealtaq, visco-elastic sealants & swellable Aquastop systems, is the brand for the commercial construction market for civil application. Sealtaq provides safe, fast and secure protection for any kind of civil application to offer 100% waterproofing. Any seam can be sealed easily, even at very low temperatures. Sealtaq is impermeable once applied. It adheres to plywood, concrete, tiles, brick, stone, steel, glass and plastic.

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Features & Benefits


  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Excellent anti corrosion protection on steel surfaces (Sealtaq Band & Paste)
  • Very low gas and water vapour permeability
  • Resilient, sound damping characteristics


  • Primerless systems and surface tolerant
  • Fast and easy application even at low temperatures (14 up to 120 F)
  • Direct adhesion on to glass, HDPE, steel, cast iron, concrete, wood, EPDM, gypsum, aluminium, bitumen and rusty substrates - substrate must be dry and clean
  • Non-ageing
  • Very sustainable solutions
  • No hazardous elements and NSF certified (100% Solids Visco Elastic Polymer)

Product Range

Code Name Description
Available on request SEALTAQ Aquablock 35C Non-toxic swellable waterplug compound up to 35˚C
Available on request SEALTAQ Paste Corrosion preventing mouldable compound
Available on request SEALTAQ Universal Band Sealtaq® Universal Band (UB) with flexible black backing
Available on request STOPAQ Mortar Mechanical or fire resistant barrier


Name Description Language Download
PDS SEALTAQ Aquablock 35C Product Data Sheet English download
PDS SEALTAQ Paste Product Data Sheet English download
PDS SEALTAQ Universal Band Product Data Sheet English download
PDS SFL Mortar FR Product Data Sheet English download
PDS SFL Mortar WR Product Data Sheet English download

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