Powercrete® ARO-UV

Powercrete® ARO-UV is a cold-applied polyester resin prepreg E-Glass reinforced mechanical wrap, mainly used for directional drilling, thrust (slick) bore and pull-through applications to protect 3-LPE linepipe coatings. Powercrete® ARO-UV has excellent mechanical properties and is applied by simply wrapping the material onto the substrate without abrasive blasting and the common used plural spray equipment. After curing the Powercrete® ARO-UV forms a tough and durable mechanical composite system.

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Powercrete® ARO-UV
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Features & Benefits


  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Manual applied system for directional drill and thrust bore applications
  • Can be applied on 3LPE, but also on FBE, EP, hard-shell insulation etc.
  • Can exposed to rain, after application of Tension Tape
  • Very good chemical and UV resistant
  • Fast, easy and clean installation


  • Can be applied at low temperatures (>5˚C/41˚F).
  • Suitable for pipeline operating temperatures from -165 up to 90°C (-265 up to 194°F)
  • Cures by sunlight and artificial UV-A light sources
  • Can be simply hand applied in multiple layers if required

Product Range

Code Name Description
Available on request POWERCRETE® ARO-UV Cold-applied polyester resin prepreg E-Glass reinforced mechanical wrap.


Name Description Language Download
PDS Powercrete ARO-UV Product Data Sheet English download

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