STOPAQ® Outerglass Shield

Moisture curing fiberglass wrap for mechanical protection of coatings

Stopaq® Outerglass Shield is a composite wrap material consisting of a glass-fibre fabric, impregnated with a solvent free moisture curing polyurethane resin. Stopaq® Outerglass Shield is used as additional mechanical protection on Stopaq® corrosion preventative coating systems comprising Wrappingband and Outerwrap materials. In order to obtain the desired resistance to mechanical loads, multiple layers can be applied.

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STOPAQ® Outerglass Shield
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Features & Benefits


  • Provides excellent additional impact and indentation resistance to coatings
  • Wide temperature range during application and in service
  • Good performance in cold, hot, wet and chemically aggressive environments
  • Good resistance to ageing, even when exposed to maximum temperature


  • Fast and easy field application, no specific equipment required
  • Can be applied in atmospheric and submerged conditions
  • Fast and complete curing
  • Pre-impregnated, no field mixing required

Product Range

Code Name Description
Available on request Outerglass Shield Composite wrap for mechanical protection
Available on request Outerglass Shield XT Rigid mechanical abrasion and impact resistant product
Available on request Compression Foil Compression foil required for installation
Available on request Puncture Roller Tool to perforate the compression film as part of the installation procedure


Name Description Language Download
PDS Outerglass Shield Product Data Sheet English download
PDS Outerglass Shield XT Product Data Sheet English download
PDS STOPAQ Compression Foil Product Data Sheet English download
PDS Outerglass Shield XT Product Data Sheet Spanish download

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