Anodeflex™ 3000 Series Linear Anodes

Impressed current linear anode

Anodeflex 3000 Series products are impressed-current, long-line flexible anodes for cathodic protection of buried pipelines, in-plant piping and of on-grade or buried storage tanks. Anodeflex 3000 products include an MMO wire connected at fixed distances to a central dual-insulated copper conductor cable to deliver cathodic current without incurring substantial longitudinal voltage drop. The manufacturing process centers the anode in a tightly packed fill material, all packaged in a synthetic jacket and protective braiding.

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Anodeflex™ 3000 Series Linear Anodes
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Features & Benefits


  • Anode is installed in close proximity to the pipeline
  • Dual-insulated copper conductor
  • Solid titanium or titanium clad copper MMO
  • Pre-packaged, high performance calcined petroleum carbon backfill
  • Integrated acid resistant woven porous fabric jacket and tough protective braid


  • Distributes current uniformly over total area of the structure - no over or under protection
  • Designed for minimum 20-year service life and provides low attenuation
  • Independent of variations in soil resistivity and prevents accelerated coating disbondment
  • Ensures low resistance ground bed and provides the active matrix in which the electrochemical reactions take place
  • Enhances the chemical, abrasion and damage resistance of the system

Product Range

Code Name Description
Available on request Anodeflex 3020 20mA/ft (65mA/m) linear anode
Available on request Anodeflex 3100 100mA/ft (328mA/m) linear anode
Available on request Anodeflex 3200 200mA/ft (656mA/m) linear anode
Available on request Anodeflex Accessories Tees, Splices and End Seals


Name Description Language Download
PDS Anodeflex 3000-Cu Anodeflex 3000-Cu Data Sheet English download
PDS Anodeflex 3000-Ti Anodeflex 3000-Ti Data Sheet English download
PDS Anodeflex Accessories Anodeflex Accessories Data Sheet English download

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