12th June 2024

The power generation industry has long grappled with complex and environmentally hazardous coating solutions for corrosion protection.

These traditional methods not only create production delays due to lengthy surface preparation but also contribute to environmental concerns. Fortunately, advancements in coating technology may have finally found the cure to complex coating, offering a more efficient and sustainable path forward.

Read about STOPAQ’s innovative polyisobutene-based coating solution, which prioritizes both simplicity and environmental responsibility. Gone are the days of extensive blasting – a quick surface preparation with a wire brush and alcohol wipe suffices for exceptional adhesion. 

Engineered for resilience, STOPAQ’s WrappingBand technology safeguards your critical infrastructure from the harshest environments. Whether your assets face extreme temperatures, relentless corrosion, or a combination of both, this easy-to-apply, eco-friendly solution provides unmatched corrosion protection! 

Discover more in the latest article published in the May 2024 edition of International Power Engineer.