1st March 2022

Protecting infrastructure for Geothermal energy

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Team Highland/SFL have been hard at work this past year, coming up with an exterior and interior coating solution for deep well drilling, for thermal wells with Eavor.


Geothermal energy is like an Earth-driven radiator, with no harsh chemicals, just using the Earth’s heat to provide energy.  To do so, you have to drill deep, but to drill this deep you need to provide insulation protection to the drill pipe/ equipment, as well as extreme temperature, abrasion and pressure challenges to both the internal and external coatings.

Incorporating both Highland and US Coating technologies and our internal R&D expertise a solution has been put forward utilizing the collaboration of our existing customers. Permian Enterprises provides exterior drill pipe applicators; CeramKote provides interior drill pipe applications and Eavor who are the experts in deep well drilling. The project has identified over 82 drill sites so far with the first deep well to be tested in Q1 of 2022.

Products heading out to the first well being drilled in Q1 of this year include Highland 74-INS-AR, Novolac Liner technology for the internal pipe joints with added abrasion resistance and Highland 6521-INS, 100% solids Novolac technology with insulation package for the external of the pipe joints offering insulation and abrasion resistance (this is a combination of Highland and US Coatings technologies).


Established in 1989, Highland specializes in high temperature, solvent-borne dry-fall “spray safe”, chemically resistant, CUI, OEM, and special function coating technologies. They pride themselves on their research and development, exploring new concepts and materials and working with clients to find the best solutions.

Highland’s diverse portfolio is backed by NACE and SSPC certified sales staff and technicians, offering customized systems and support for a wide array of industries; OEM, Oil & Gas, Petro-chemical, Hot Mix Asphalt & Aggregate, Power Generation, Feed & Grain, Tanks & Terminals and Pipeline to name a few.

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