9th September 2020

Flame Control is delighted to announce successful and extensive additional testing for their 60-60A product to include NFPA 286. This new testing extends the reach of this product to a high volume of customers across the USA.

This most recent round of testing was conducted with Carlisle Construction Materials and their suite of spray foam products.  Flame Control successfully passed the testing which qualifies the 60-60A coating to be applied over installed Carlisle Spray Foam.

Tim Lockhart, Technical Sales Manager for Flame Control commented “We’re very excited to include the Carlisle family of spray foam products into our testing portfolio.  Carlisle is a world-class manufacturer of open and closed cell spray polyurethane foam and we are very pleased to be able to offer our 60-60A thermal barrier to their applicators. Expanding our reach to new customers, with full compliance behind us, is vital for our growth and to bring our products to more markets.”

Flame Control 60-60A is a water-based fire-retardant paint designed to provide a 15-minute thermal barrier on spray foam insulation.  In line with the building code, for a coating to be qualified for use in the field, that product must have been tested full-scale over the specific spray foam that is being used on the project.  This testing is called NFPA 286 testing and it is conducted at accredited 3rd party testing facilities.

Whilst the competition is strong, 60-60A has several distinct advantages; easy to use, lower viscosity, improved spray characteristics, no primer required and it is proudly made in the USA.

“We are proud to offer our customers an American made product which is not only easy to use and fast to apply, but also offers vital safety in both commercial and residential markets across North America.” Says Tim


About Flame Control

Flame Control have been offering fire retardant coatings throughout the USA since 1974. Specified by the US Military, leading Aerospace and Defense Contractors, Global Paint and Coatings Suppliers and thousands of Architects across the globe, Flame Control boasts a product portfolio that features extensive 3rd party testing and certifications. In January 2020 Flame Control was acquired by coatings group Seal For Life Industries.