26th November 2020

Flame Control 60-60A has achieved further certifications with a long list of suppliers thanks to their updated compliance report.

Flame Control Coatings announces the renewal of their code compliance report, IAPMO UES 596.  This report signifies that Flame Control 60-60A continues to be compliant with AC- 456 and all applicable codes regulations governing thermal barriers over spray polyurethane foam insulation.    In addition to the renewal, Flame Control has significantly expanded their approved SPF matrix through continued testing.  With industry-leading coverage rates and optimized viscosity, Flame Control 60-60A continues to be the easiest to use thermal barrier on the market.

Following the successful NFPA 286 testing achieved in the summer with Carlisle Construction, the next step in the process was to achieve further 3rd party certifications and evaluation report. Holding the IAPMO UES 596 report is key for project submittals and approvals.

Tim Lockhart, Technical Sales Manager for Flame Control said: “We are really pleased with this new evaluation report. With the additions of Carlisle, Demilec, Johns Manville, Rhino Linings, SWD, Sustainable Polymers, Thermoseal and Victory Polymers, Flame Control is committed to testing with the most widely used brands in the spray foam industry.”

Located in Niagara Falls, NY, Flame Control has been providing advanced protective coatings since 1974.  Specified by the US Military, leading Aerospace and Defense Contractors, Global Paint and Coatings Suppliers and thousands of Architects across the globe, Flame Control boasts a product portfolio that features extensive 3rd party testing and certifications.

Join the hundreds of applicators who are making the switch to the easy-to-apply Flame Control 60-60A by visiting www.flamecontrolcoatings.com or give them a call at 716-282-1399.