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Linear Anode Technology

Linear Anode Technology

Let’s talk Linear Anode Technology. Anodeflex is the most robust and effective linear anode and grounding electrode available on the market. Ideal applications include cathodic protection of pipelines, above ground storage tanks, and utility infrastructure as well as electrical grounding for AC interference and substation grounding grids. The most advanced dimensionally stable materials are assembled … Continued

POWERCRETE launches a brand new ARO Coating – DD 410

Seal for Life Industries are delighted to announce that POWERCRETE, a trusted brand name for more than 30 years, has launched a new ARO coating – DD 410. This new product joins a strong product line up of Liquid Epoxy Polymer Concrete coatings designed to protect the vital pipeline industry. Drawing from our impressive track … Continued

Dhatec Launches New Product

Introducing the EcoPlug – Your Solution for Sustainable Pipe End Closure. 🌿 At Dhatec, we’re committed to innovation and sustainability, and we’re thrilled to introduce our latest product: the EcoPlug. Paired with our Bevel protector, this powerful combination is simplifying the way you close your pipe ends while reducing environmental impact. 🌍 Eco-Friendly: The EcoPlug … Continued

Optimizing your budget

Optimizing your budget; How can we streamline the amount of resources to be mobilized? How can we maximize the availability of our assets? How can we leverage any time spent project managing maintenance and the interface between various sub-contractors? In today’s ever challenging world, the concept of guaranteeing ‘value for money’ is all too important … Continued

Meet the Conditions

Meet the Conditions Anti-corrosion coating failures are a significant factor in the reduced operational life of pipelines. In the endless fight against corrosion, where we seek to extend the life of assets that initially had a fixed lifetime but now need extension, corrosion protection must go further and include prevention. Constant doubts over coatings performance … Continued

SFL Committed to Purpose-Designed

Purpose-designed solutions for the entire LNG Supply Chain. Upstream, downstream, midstream and shipping – we’ve got what you need with STOPAQ We were delighted to be Gold Sponsors at the LNG Export event in Houston in May where we launched our brand new video aimed at the LNG market. Our team had a fantastic 2 … Continued

Heading to Global Offshore Wind

In April our team had a fantastic and busy time at Wind Europe in Copenhagen. The energy and footfall at the event was testament to the growth this renewable energy sector is seeing, and we had many fantastic conversations as to how the Easy-Qote range of products is helping to extend asset lifetime. Next week … Continued

Maintaining Renewable Energy Systems: Wind Turbines

Wind turbines globally face a variety of challenging weather conditions; warm winds, cold winds, strong winds, 360’ exposure, constant waves, sand storms, changing temperatures, hail, rain, and snow. They have, and will, see it all. These fierce environmental circumstances are the perfect recipe for causing corrosion to creep into crevices, at flange connections, ladders and … Continued

A Game-Changing Solution

Revolutionising pipeline field joint coating with high flexibility epoxy coatings Corrosion prevention for underground structures is essential to ensure their long-term integrity and reliability. A combination of durable coating and cathodic protection (CP) is necessary for effective corrosion prevention. When focusing on field joint coatings, there are many advantages and disadvantages of the different coating … Continued

Tough Decisions in the Wind Energy Industry

Easy-Qote and the Wind Energy Industry: Challenging the Status Quo The saying goes, “we often do as we have always done” and that may give security in both outcome and budget spend when it comes to infrastructure maintenance, but it is also a complacency. A complacency that ‘what has always been done’ is the right … Continued

Combatting Vapour Loss

Storage tank vapour loss is an issue in many different industries due to the monetary cost of the product and environmental concerns for the surrounding communities. Many times, the product is stored at ambient temperature while being subjected to rising temperatures due to solar loading. When the sun continues shining on the metal surface of … Continued

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Towering towards the sky, harnessing the earth’s natural elements, wind turbine installations continue to spread across the globe. As the world moves towards net zero, the drive towards renewable energy will continue to grow exponentially. As the turbines themselves move further out of sight, keeping the potential for corrosion and other maintenance issues front of … Continued