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Choosing the Right Insulation for Storm-Prone Areas

Choosing the Right Insulation for Storm-Prone Areas

The Insulation Investment You Only Make Once Seal For Life’s Mascoat brand of thermal insulating coating has provided specifications and consultations to end users and engineering firms globally for over 25 years and knows that there are optimal applications for all types of insulation materials. With this approach, we strive to recommend the best solution … Continued

Sealing the future of asset integrity in the renewable sector

As offshore wind farm developers continue to drive down the installed cost of their assets, there is a great focus on maximising the efficiency of the installation process.  Charlie Watt, Business Development Manager for EasyQote at Seal For Life Industries gives PES his views on the role of maintenance in the future of the renewables … Continued

Green Energy

Protecting infrastructure for Geothermal energy Never one to shy away from a challenge, Team Highland/SFL have been hard at work this past year, coming up with an exterior and interior coating solution for deep well drilling, for thermal wells with Eavor.   Geothermal energy is like an Earth-driven radiator, with no harsh chemicals, just using … Continued

Addressing Offshore Wind Structure Challenges

The offshore wind energy industry has seen enormous growth in recent years, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Those in the industry will know the stats: the offshore wind energy market is forecast to reach $42 billion by 2025, with a projected compound annual growth rate of 13.6% from 2020 to … Continued

Field Joint Coatings – Cold Weather Application

The application of Pipeline Field Joint Coatings in cold weather is a difficult one. There are multiple technologies with strengths and weaknesses that in cold climates become more challenging to install successfully. What are the challenges the cold weather can bring to the field joint coating process? In general, coatings and plastics do not behave … Continued

Site Investigation Requirements for HDD Projects

Before an Abrasion Protective Coating (ARO) is selected for a HDD project, the engineering firm in charge of the project conducts an investigation. The procedure involves generating site characterization information relative to the design, permitting, execution, and certification of HDD Pipeline Installations. This information will allow the engineer and contractor to enhance/streamline design, control risk, … Continued

A look at pipeline coatings, cathodic protection and HDD

Pipeline coatings and cathodic protection systems in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) pipeline installations.  A complex topic that’s challenging to discuss without first starting at the very beginning, the reason for pipeline coatings and cathodic protection systems: corrosion.  This blog post is the first in a series of posts that will look at the effect that … Continued

One Coating Company Protecting The Future

Corrosion costs. The degradation of assets costs money to repair, replace and maintain; that cost can be 3-5 times more expensive if it’s reactive and not planned. It costs valuable time: a halt in production while repairs are carried out, time spent searching for the failure when it’s not easily visible, and time when personnel … Continued