Global Wind Day

Global Wind Day

June 15 marks Global Wind Day – a worldwide event organised by WindEurope and GWEC to celebrate, exchange information and inform the world about wind energy.

The Wind Energy Market has seen enormous growth in recent years and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Countries around the globe are investing millions into developing their infrastructure to not only capitalise on this focus, but to future proof their energy requirements for years to come whilst driving down carbon emissions.

Where there is infrastructure, there is corrosion. The wind sector sits in highly aggressive environments exposed to all the elements whether it be onshore or offshore. Whilst turbines have continued to become bigger, better and more efficient, they still suffer from corrosion.

Seal For Life is pleased to offer Easy-Qote and Oxifree who both have solutions to combat corrosion and extend the lifetime of these all important assets. You can read more about them in a recent article with PES Wind Energy here

Targets for #netzero are being set and Seal For Life is ready to be part of the action.