Oxifree® Surface Tolerant Corrosion Solutions. Providing active corrosion protection to a wide range of markets across the globe, Oxifree products protect complex metal assets, halting existing corrosion and mitigating new corrosion on clean metal surfaces. They are quick and fast to apply, allow for maintenance and NDT and are ecologically friendly, suitable for the harshest of environments.

About Oxifree®

Oxifree® has a network of representatives around the globe and a services business within the UK delivering project support to local projects and the global network. The application possibilities are vast; water treatment works, FPSOs, onshore refineries, offshore platforms, processing plants, parts in storage and wind turbines to name a few.

Features & Benefits

  • Savings to both operational and capital expenditure
  • Reduces equipment and process downtime, can be applied to live equipment
  • Solves asset life extension challenges faced by industry
  • Easy inspection and maintenance without damaging the substrate. UT inspection through coating
  • Minimal surface preparation required, providing protection immediately
  • Protects complex metal assemblies, including those with moving parts
  • Proven to withstand years of exposure in harsh environments
  • Comprehensive solution for corrosion under pipe supports (CUPS)