Combatting Corrosion with Traditional and New Methods

In November 2020 PES Wind Energy Magazine caught up with Ed Hall, President of Oxifree and Dinko Cudic, Business Line Director for Stopaq discussing corrosion solutions for the wind sector: They discussed the importance of the wind sector, research and development and their hopes for business over the next 5 years.

PES: A warm welcome to PES Wind, it’s good to talk with you. Would you like to begin by giving us an overview of Oxifree?

Thank you for having us! In short Oxifree offers anti corrosion solutions for complex metal assets. Our core product is TM198 which is a thermoplastic coating melted down from a solid resin (in the supply unit) and applied using a heated hose and gun. The coating requires minimal surface preparation and can often be applied to live equipment since it does not depend on adhesion but instead encapsulates the asset. The built-in corrosion inhibitor actively protects the metal structure preventing the ingress of air and moisture. It is a versatile product and has potential to bring major savings to infrastructure spend.

In 2020 Oxifree became part of the Seal For Life Industries Group joining a long line of comprehensive protection products and technologies focused on corrosion prevention, fire and temperature protection and cathodic protection.

PES: We know you are involved in various industries and would like to know how important the wind sector is for you?

The offshore wind energy industry has seen enormous growth in KWH of energy produced and now needs to look to the role of preventative maintenance to secure its future in the energy sector.

It is highly difficult to operate in due to logistics for both construction and maintenance, along with the aggressive and corrosive environment.  Specifying the correct corrosion mitigation technology is vastly important for efficiency in terms of both time and effectiveness.

Without long term effective preservation it could prove too inefficient and costly to be viable.

Our experience in the wind sector to date has shown us that we absolutely have a role to play in asset integrity and providing a flexible solution that allows operators to keep things running whilst providing vital corrosion prevention. We really want to support this industry to keep things moving as it becomes more integral to keeping our business and homes running.

PES: Is research and development an integral part of your business?

Absolutely – without research and development a business simply stands still. We have always valued the role of R&D and it is integrated into our own testing in house, through the projects we perform under our Global Services division and through the relationships with our distributors and clients. We continually review how our products are performing and how we can develop new offerings to combat new or changing requirements. For instance right now our GenLab (laboratory oven) is running with product testing inside – we like to be on the front foot.

PES: We were wondering about your geographical reach and if you have plans to expand into other areas?

We have always worked on a global scale with our distribution network, but in 2017 we launched our Global Services Divison which allowed us to take on projects within the UK and The Netherlands, as well as supporting our partners projects worldwide through our own in-house team.  We see no limitations to our business and have been in talks with new representation in recent weeks. The issue of corrosion is global and with our own infrastructure and that of SFL we are keen to reach as far and wide as needed.


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