One Company. Innovative Technologies. Ultimate Protection.

Seal For Life and its associated companies manufacture multiple coating technologies focused on corrosion prevention, fire & temperature protection, and cathodic protection for energy, water, renewables, infrastructure, flooring and preservation applications.

Our Mission

Provide unique products and systems to protect infrastructure based on multiple technology platforms.


Seal For Life is expanding the business organically and with strategic acquisitions to provide advanced products for energy, infrastructure and industrial markets with advanced corrosion prevention and thermal protection coating technologies.


Our reputation is built on our relationships and long history of successful projects. We make every effort to understand your business and needs before proposing the best solution for your project.


Every solution we create exceeds industry standards. We believe in consistency and performance in our supply chain, our products and our service.

Our History

A company with a deep history of innovation in the market leading technologies that we represent.

Seal For Life Industries can trace its roots back to the early 1900’s when polyethylene-based technologies began taking hold of the pipeline coating market versus bitumen based products. From that base, brands such as Polyken and Raychem, now known as Covalence, became industry leaders and continue as strong brands today. With the addition of visco-elastic, epoxy, polyurethane and thermoplastic technologies, today’s Seal For Life is focused on broadening our depth of products and markets by adding companies that are synergistic with our company culture of innovation.


Research programs underway across all technology platforms within Seal For Life

Seal For Life is expanding the business organically and with strategic acquisitions in the broader corrosion prevention and thermal protection industries. Research and growth programs continue across all technology platforms. From its base including STOPAQ, Covalence, Polyken, Powercrete and Anodeflex, Seal For Life adds Flame Control, Highland International, US Coatings, Lifelast, Oxifree, Canusa-CPS and Dhatec to extend its portfolio of technologies and unique products.


A global team of professionals

It is often said that people make the company and Seal For Life is no different. Seal For Life has grown through combining companies over many decades and acquiring new companies. With those companies, has come a broad base of expertise in product development, engineering, manufacturing excellence, and customer service. The Seal For Life team today is comprised of people for all over the world who work together to service the unique needs of our markets and customers.