One Company. Five Technologies. Fighting Corrosion.

Committed to never compromising on integrity and always pushing the boundaries to develop new and innovative technologies.

Our Values

Provide unique corrosion prevention products and systems based on multiple technology platforms.


Seal For Life is expanding the business organically and with strategic acquisitions in the broader corrosion prevention industry to provide advanced products across multiple technology platforms.


Our reputation is built on our relationships and long history of successful projects. We make every effort to understand your business and needs before proposing the best solution for your project.


Every solution we create exceeds industry standards. We believe in consistency and performance in our supply chain, our products and our service.

Our History

A company that has grown through acquisitions, our binding DNA is the continuous innovation and market leading technologies that we represent.

Seal For Life traces our history back to 1903 and the Kendall company, but the first visible part of the business still around today was the Polyken division that started in 1940 manufacturing Duct tape. Experience gained in the product development of tapes lead to the launch of the Polyken Pipeline Division in 1956. These products quickly became an industry leader with Cold Applied Tape technology that transformed pipeline coating for many years. The original Kendall Company was acquired by Colgate in 1972 and continued to grow and expand its applications of products before being sold to Clayton Dubliner in 1988. The growth in our expertise and leading market knowledge really accelerated in 1994 when Tyco International acquired the company. In 1999, Tyco purchased Raychem and these two market-leading brands formed the Corrosion Protection Group (CPG), which included heat shrink sleeves (now branded Covalence) and the linear Anode technology of Anodeflex. The company continued its aggressive acquisitions strategy to further boost its ability to provide a wide range of products by combining the in-house technologies it owned and acquiring Power Lone Star, which added the Powercrete Liquid Epoxy Technology into the CPG group. In 2006 and 2007, the company changed hands again, finally becoming a part of Berry Global Inc. In 2012, the company made its latest acquisition by purchasing Stopaq the patented self-healing visco-elastic coating company. More recently, Seal For Life has been purchased by Arsenal Capital Partners and now operates as a standalone company poised for future growth.


Research programs underway across all five technology platforms within Seal For Life

Seal For Life is expanding the business organically and with strategic acquisitions in the broader corrosion prevention industry.  Research and growth programs continue across all five technology platforms.  We are extending the STOPAQ brand into new markets, developing new adhesives for COVALENCE products, using latest visco-elastic, butyl-based adhesive technologies for the POLYKEN line, creating new and improved packaging for POWERCRETE products,  and optimizing the Anodeflex product line along with new products for AC mitigation.


Seal For Life, a standalone business

Throughout our history, Seal For Life has grown through acquisition and combining companies to create what is now a standalone company owned by Arsenal Capital Partners.  We see this as an exciting step in our development, with the commitment by Arsenal to further grow Seal For Life by adding products and services to the Seal For Life platform.