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SynergyQ is a new single wrap pipeline coating system that exists of a polyethylene backing and an extremely high shear resistant corrosion prevention material. The system does not require any primer and can be applied with little tension. The SynergyQ high shear visco-elastics meets and exceed international standards for external corrosion protection of pipelines in the oil, gas and water industry.

Neither external corrosion, nor osmosis, spiral, cathodic disbondment or SCC (stress corrosion cracking) will be a problem. The coating system is very suitable for ductile iron water pipelines and distribution pipelines. The system can be reinforced with a RockShield against extreme backfill conditions or for transmission pipeline application. The system is non-aging. The adhesion between itself is extreme and exhibits excellent shear resistance.

It will not get brittle, tear or break at low temperatures; it simply seals for life. It is the ultimate non-shielding tape system with an extreme moisture uptake resistance in the market today.