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Sealtaq, visco-elastic sealants & swellable aquastop systems, is the brand for the professional construction market for civil application. Sealtaq provides safe, fast and secure protection for any kind of civil application to offer 100% waterproofing.  Any seam can be sealed easily, even at very low temperatures. Sealtaq is impermeable once applied. It adheres to plywood, concrete, tiles, brick, stone, steel, glass and plastic.

The Sealtaq material comes in big rolls for applications such as

–         Roofs
–         Basement membrane
–         Sealing Windows
–         Concrete or wooden floors

The flooring rolls can be overcoated by any kind of flexible floorcoating such as polyurethane, MMA.



Waterfront Brigade Anchor Casing sealing with Sealtaq Repair Filler at Antwerpen, Belgium.