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Protecta-Mesh is an extruded plastic mesh mainly used as a pipe guard to protect pipes and pipelines from rocks when backfilled. Rocks can easily damage the pipes protective coatings and the rock shield mesh helps to cushion any impact during the backfilling. Protecta-Mesh is far more economical than backfilling with sand or fine sediment, and is quick and easy to install.

SFL’s ProtectaMesh is manufactured from high density polyethylene with a blowing agent to produce a strong cellular structure offering maximum protection against impact damage from rocks during backfilling operations.

The product is chemically inert, will not rot and the open mesh structure allows the flow of water around the pipe for cathodic protection.

The protection mesh is manufactured in various grades to produce a range of solutions to meet the most demanding of conditions.

Supplied in various lengths, the extruded Protecta-Mesh be manufactured in widths ranging from 1.0 mtrs to 2.0 mtrs.

Protecta-Mesh can be installed along the pipe or around the pipe as per the diagrams below, and can be joined using a gas torch by pressing the faces together, or can be secured by means of strapping tapes or similar.