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TESI and SFL a distribution agreement

Press Release Tesi Spa


Tesi Spa officially announces distribution agreement with Seal For Life, part of the Berry Plastics Corporation, for corrosion protection products.


Vermezzo, 16/08/2015.  Tesi Spa is pleased to announce that today it has signed a new distribution agreement with Seal For Life, part of the Berry Plastics Corporation and worldwide leader in the pipeline corrosion protection industry.


The agreement covers the distribution of Covalence® products and solutions (in Italy), a globally renowned product line specifically designed for the corrosion protection of pipelines in a wide range of applications, from water transmission to oil&gas onshore and offshore pipelines.


The former distribution agreement between Tesi and Canusa-CPS, lasted for over 25 years, ceased to be valid as of 1st June 2015.


“We are very excited to start a new important partnership with such a leading industry brand as Seal For Life and Covalence®”, states Tesi Spa CEO, Ausonio Zubiani. “This agreement establishes a valuable cooperation that strengthen our ambition to provide our customers with state-of-the-art and best-in-class anticorrosion products”.


Technical and commercial literature, and details about the full product range, will be available soon on Tesi website



 About Tesi Spa

With over 30 years of expertise, Tesi Spa, based in Vermezzo, Italy, designs, manufactures and distributes products and accessories for the energy, oil&gas, petrochemical and chemical industries. The Company covers three main business areas: corrosion protection coatings for water, oil and gas pipelines, induction heating equipment for pipelines construction, industrial ignition systems. Founded in 1981 and grown thanks to strategic acquisitions, Tesi Spa has 3 manufacturing facilities in Italy; in 2007 Tesigroup LLC, headquartered in Conroe, Texas, is established in order to better meet U.S. market needs; in 2010 DAEMAR Heating Technology Co. Ltd is founded in Beijing to further expand into the Chinese market.