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STOPAQ prevails over Amcorr

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has reversed and remanded the lower court ruling that Amcorr Products and Services (“Amcorr”) did not infringe Stopaq’s leading visco-elastic technology.

Stopaq initially brought a patent infringement action against Amcorr before the US District Court in Houston in August 2010 claiming infringement of its US patent No. 5,898,044, one of Stopaq’s patents relating to the composition of its visco-elastic products. Amcorr was a former distributor of Stopaq products in the US. The District Court ruled in Amcorr’s favour and found no infringement. Following the new ruling, Stopaq’s patent infringement claim against Amcorr now returns to the US District Court where the case will continue.
Stadskanaal, March 4, 2014