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Seal for Life offshore training

Seal for Life offshore business unit has trained divers from the Dutch company Diving Technology Services (DTS) to perform corrosion prevention applications underwater. In the state of the art diving facility within Seal For Life Industrie headquarter in Stadskanaal, the divers were trained to wrap piles underwater.     After a successful training program, DTS is now qualified to carry out underwater missions for Stopaq.

Stopaq, part of Seal For Life Industries, headquartered in Stadskanaal, is a leader in the coatings field. Corrosion takes many forms and can pose a serious threat to the security of critical infrastructure. Stopaq’s technology is polyisobutylene-based and suitable for underwater application.This technology is not dependent on sandblasting or extensive pre-treatment procedures. Stopaq focuses on the toughest applications, especially in the offshore. The technology is also applicable for example, quay walls, conduits, cable connections, concrete sealing and even the bathroom at home.

DTS seeks smart solutions. With the customized service, 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, the company puts the interests of customers first.DTS stands for a trustable and open relationship with each other for the basis of a good cooperation, with the focus on quality and safety during work.

Co-maker ship is highly valued by Stopaq. Diving is top sport, with its dedicated people DTS is a co-maker that makes a difference in the field for Stopaq.


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