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Coming soon PolyGuru: Facts instead of Expectations.

PolyGuru is an independent and fully quantitative materials selection service.

In real-life circumstances, mechanical loads and chemical exposure trigger several effects that substantially influence material service life when protecting a metal surface or a substitute for metal. PolyGuru enables you to virtually test these combined mechanical and chemical effects on any material in any configuration and application. So you can obtain quantitative insight in lifetime and eventual failure modes.

PolyGuru is the result of decades of rigorous materials research in combination with a continuous focus on best-in-class computer and simulation technology. PolyGuru’s computation engine is based on integrated chemical-mechanical FEM simulation, fuelled by an extensive library of experimentally determined material properties.
PolyGuru users are working in a range of different markets, including energy, aerospace and infrastructure.

SFL Industries has worked with PolyGuru on various challenging and revolutionary projects.