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Launch at the Adipec 2014 Abu Dhabi

New Field Joint Coating Remote Controlled Automation Device
Uniform & Consistent Shrinking of Heat Shrinkable Coatings in the field; SFL-Covalence is happy to introduce as demonstrated at the Adipec Abu Dhabi, the new KELVIN®. KELVIN® offers ultimate bonding of shrinkable coatings based on various adhesives/compounds varying from mastics, hot-melts and visco-elastics to the substrate.
A big advantage is the full integration of the closure patch. KELVIN® is a very lightweight device to install shrinkable PE or PP sleeve in a fast, easy and simple manner. Either onshore or offshore for lay-barge application, the operation is only done by 2 engineers.
The Remote controlled patented unit offers a uniform and consistent application method. The device is suitable for diameter ranging from 10” up to 56”. The weight of a 16”unit is for instance only 15Kg and the power requirements are marginal. At the Technological room in Stadskanaal, the Netherlands, we look forward to welcome you for a demonstration.