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Latincorr 2014

Seal For Life industries was present at Latincorr 2014 conference and exhibition that took place in Medellín – Colombia from October 28 to 31, 2014. This event was organized by the Colombian Association of Corrosion Engineers – NACE Colombia and NACE International.

The commercial exhibition, the largest of Latin America of its kind, had more than 120 companies than displayed the latest products and services for corrosion control. Seal For Life presented their products in cooperation with MARS Tecnologias S.A.S., Bogota, Colombia ( There was quite some interest of visitors, especially for the visco-elastic corrosion preventing technology displayed by Stopaq.

The technical program had over 130 papers presented, including topics like Cathodic Protection, corrosion problems and mitigation, coating technologies for the oil and gas industry, amongst others. Erik Broesder of Stopaq B.V. has presented his paper “Specifying pipeline coatings – What about appropriate design criteria?” About 60 people from all kinds of organizations have attended Erik’s presentation.