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Dare to Care Convention


Why dare to care? Because we are inspired from the inside. Seal For Life is not just a slogan, it’s at the core of our business and our solutions. The only way to fully understand our statement is to see the possibilities with your own eyes and become equally inspired. For 3 days our international partners have been enjoying a fully packed programme of anti-corrosion presentations, discussions, and a series of technology demonstrations at Stopaq’s 30,000m2 training and testing facility in Stadskanaal.


Speakers, Workshops and Demonstrations


• Introduction to the world of Seal For Life Technologies by S.Hofstee

• Dare to Care Vision, Strategy, Organization by J.F. Doddema

• SFL Experience Tour

• Live Demonstrations: Rope Access Application & Underwater Coating by Falck, FJC PUPPlining, Flamespray FJC & Coating of Condensating Pipelines

• Site Tour

• Mobile Pipe Coating Demonstration by L. Grodzisky

• Possibilities of Anodeflex as the ultimate SFL system, K. Lax, Corroconsult UK

• Alaska Pipeline Case study, Stan Simpson of Joint Specialist Inc. USA

• “Beachtakers” in the coating Industry, a review by R. John, SFL Consultant

• Insulation by BASF of the Offshore Pipelines, I. Lynam, Basf Oil & Gas

• Sense & non-sense of coating tests, E. Broesder & Hans van den Bergh

• Arctic Geological Pipeline Conditions, Prof. J.Hacquebord, University of Groningen

• Patent & Legal Update, Nathan Knight

• Pipeline Reinforcement Case Histories Middle East, K. Afifi, SKPS

• Offshore Joint Coating Developments, a review by N. Gill, Global Offshore Director

• Fieldjoint Spec Writing Opportunities Zawthika Project, KB Singh, India

• TSA application case history at NAM Schoonebeek, B.Van Rein, Multipaint BV

•New Technological Opportunities, S. Hofstee VP Technology Engineering

• Mobile Line Pipe Coating Opportunities by Laurent Grodziski, SFL FAST

• Double Cross Offshore Splashzone Woodside, dr. F. Barouky, ACT Australia

• Corrosion Reduction thru Pipeline Cleaning, P.Verkiel, Brenntag Oil & Gas

• Above ground H-Bean and Pipe Coating Shell Mosmorran, S.Flynn & Dinko Cudic, Rawell

Environmental Solutions UK

• ISO 21809-3 Fieldjoint Coating, by Mamish Abboud, VP Technology Berry Plastics USA

• Coating Selection in conjunction with Rail Systems, Neill Webb, South Africa

• Asset Integrity, Roy Van Elteren, Kema DNV Groningen Holland

• District Heating & Pre-insulated Pipe, Dieter Trapmann Consult Germany

• High temperature coating Market Opportunities / case studies, Ahmed Moinuddin, SFL


•Workshop Pipeline Rehab Coatings in conjunction with Cathodic /Casing Protection by

· Derek Mortimore, Pipeline Coatings Expert, U.K.

· Ken Lax, Cathodic Protection Expert, U.K.

· Dieter Trapmann, District Heating FJ Casings & Pre-Insulated Pipe Germany

· Neill Webb, Cathodic Protection South Africa

· Phd. dr. F. Barouky, ACT Australia