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Dare to Care


Dare to Care isn’t simply a slogan
We have already noticed both within and outside Seal For Life, that our vision is leading to success: ‘Dare to Care’ is not only a slogan, but also a clear statement to our stakeholders, clients and application engineers. As Seal For Life, we are the ‘lifeguards’ of (often) vulnerable systems, not just on land but also offshore. An increasing number of clients no longer accept short-term solutions, but instead are convinced by our vision and can see our growth and expansion into other market areas. What’s more, through our global dedicated market management for offshore, we can also take a leading position in the field of pre-insulated pipe plant coating and plant coating in general.

Dare to care is total care
By means of exclusive partnership services, we can boost sales concepts for a whole range of specific applications and uses, such as casings, j-tubes, subsea structures, surface preparation, pre-engineering, factory-applied pipeline coating concepts, storage problems, application training, corrosion monitoring and after-sale service.
Changes on our planet also offer new opportunities to put the innovative strength of Seal For Life into practice. For instance, pipeline and ‘bedding solutions’ in unstable infrastructures, our solutions for applications in polar regions and the solutions that we as a group can offer in relation to the rise in water levels, worldwide.
This is no longer just something for the future; our Stopaq member is already carrying out applications involved with raising dyke walls in relation to these changing circumstances in the Netherlands. If there were no levees, 45% of this particular country would disappear under water. In short, ‘Dare to Care’ is no longer limited to below-ground pipeline and traditional markets, but means ‘Total Care’ for Seal For Life nowadays. Seal For Life’s playing field has become not only very broad, but also specialised. This demands a lifelong learning process – continuing education – from engineers and application teams, but also from ourselves.