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Technological Solutions

Seal For Life Industries is a centrally managed enterprise that has arisen from five different companies with regard to corrosion prevention and control. Within this overall structure the group is organized into five core divisions:

In addition, four separate brands Blockr, Sealtaq, SynergyQ and ElastoQote meet the needs of many established and emerging markets for our solutions and innovations.

It is the complementary strength of our specialisms that allow us to deal with any challenge, in any infrastructure, anywhere in the world, in a specific and tailor-made manner.


Protecta-Mesh is an extruded plastic mesh mainly used as a pipe guard to protect pipes and pipelines from rocks when backfilled. Rocks can easily damage the pipes protective coatings and the rock shield mesh helps to cushion any impact during the backfilling. Protecta-Mesh is far more economical than backfilling with sand or fine sediment, and... Read more


  We thank you for your belief, passion, trust, commitment and faith in SFL’s technologies and services. We will continue to do our utmost to deserve your trust and to support your work in 2016 and beyond. Our office (Stopaq/SFL office Stadskanaal) will be closed during Christmas and New Year Period. From the 24th of... Read more


Efficient on pipes or any other buried metal structure, Anodeflex provides uniform cathodic protection to every point, with a minimum of interference from adjacent structures. Highly performant, durable and environment friendly, Anodeflex is used to achieve effective and homogeneous cathodic protection over the entire surface of the buried structures. Unique and cost-effective, AnodeFlex will keep the operation of a pipeline in compliance with cathodic protection DOT or other regulation. Read more


Supplying a wide range of patented visco-elastic solution to protect assets from corrosion and water ingress, Stopaq enables you to enjoy a very exclusive and advanced innovation: a material fully amorphous non polar polyisobutyelene. Above and under the sea, the visco-elastic coatings and sealants generated by Stopaq offer a very high level of efficiency and reliability, and this from deep-sea to above ground, in the most extreme climates. Thanks to its liquid-like behavior, Stopaq products can resist extreme conditions: it will not break, tear or build up by any internal stresses. For any coating work, Stopaq is the most complete solution you can expect: economical, offering immediate and permanent adhesion to PE,PP,FBE, self healing, easy and safe to apply. Read more


Cold-applied and fused tape products generated by Polyken apply to various climates and environments. The innovation and expertise of Polyken lies in its thermal fusion, generating mechanical toughness and superior anticorrosion properties. On-land and off-shore pipelines and joints require a rigorous treatment; they need an effective protection against damaging corrosion. Polyken respond to this special need: Its tape coating system prevents from irreversible damages thanks to a long term and fused multi layer technology. During application the three layers are fused, resulting in strong mechanical and chemical bonds that maximize performance. Read more

SYNERGYQ_LOGO_280px_breed_FC_2 regels

SynergyQ is a new single wrap pipeline coating system that exists of a polyethylene backing and an extremely high shear resistant corrosion prevention material. The system does not require any primer and can be applied with little tension. Read more


Physically strong and chemically stable, Covalence is a particular coating for metal pipes that may be in contact with electrolyte coatings, such as soil or water. The performance of this product is its high electrical resistance and low permeability to hydrogen and oxygen. Developing an innovative three-layer field applied joint coating; Covalence is able to provide an optimal solution in corrosion protection, in particular for the transmission pipelines of water, oil and gas. Highly reliable and performant, Covalence also presents advantages such as low installation costs and easily accessible. Read more


Leader in curing liquid pipeline epoxy coatings, Powercrete is the optimal solution in the field of liquid seals and coatings. Created to protect the bonded epoxy coating on steel pipes under severe handling conditions, this cure fuses into a concrete and smooth surface, providing in about 30 minutes a high level of safety for the transmission pipelines, insuring safe flow efficiency. Clean, quick, durable and safe, Powercrete is the optimal liquid coating curing all issues linked to the flow of energies through pipelines. Read more


Easy-Qote® is a new SFL company with a goal of becoming the leading supplier of unique customized coatings in the world. Focusing on the needs and priorities of our customers. Easy-Qote® offers the industry leading ‘green’ solutions through its Polyurea and Polyurethane spray coating systems and foam insulations for chemical resistance, performance, toughness overcoming surface preparation and application issues related to carbon footprint and total cost of ownership. Read more


Sealtaq is the brand for the professional construction market for civil application. Sealtaq provides safe, fast and secure protection for any kind of civil application to offer 100% waterproofing. The sealtaq is impermeable once applied. It adheres to plywood, concrete, tiles, brick, stone, steel, glass and plastic. Any seam can be sealed easily, even at very low temperatures. Read more