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About Seal For Life Industries

Seal For Life Industries is a full subsidiary of Berry Plastics Corporation, USA, and encompasses a number of leading industry brands. Our headquarters are located in Stadskanaal, the Netherlands, with a number of offices around the world. This enables us to give our customers the highest levels of support. We attach great value to the integration of our partners, and pursue close and mutually rewarding relationships with customers and business partners alike.

Cooperative and innovative

As a synergetic grouping of individual corrosion prevention brands we offer a powerful combination of experience, technologies and know-how.

Our technologies and products are approved, specified and deployed by many of the largest players in our different markets worldwide. External evaluations and test reports have confirmed the characteristic properties of our unique self-healing, visco-elastic technology, tapes, shrinkable sleeves and polymeric anodes according the recognized standards ISO 21809-3 & ISO 15589-1.

We actively seek out other innovative companies in order to share experiences and partner in new developments. This allows us to move forward with new technologies, innovations and structures.

One World, One Mission

At the center of our vision is sustainability because long-term viability and success can only be founded on the sustainable production and offering of environmentally friendly sealing and anti-corrosion solutions.

As such, we create sustainable, risk-free products from both health and safety and environmental perspectives. This means immediate and permanent adhesion without extensive, expensive or dangerous surface preparation. Safe and easy-to-apply applications are inherent in our products, reflecting our belief that it should be safe for anyone to apply them.

Experience Center – Take the virtual tour!

The Seal For Life Industries Experience Center is located in Stadskanaal, a relatively small community in the north of the Netherlands. The Center welcomes many visitors, including business partners, students, and governmental authorities who are provided with a thorough overview of what happens around pipes above and below ground, as well as above and under water. An interactive history describes obsolete methods, tested methods and innovative solutions to corrosion and sealing issues. Novel thinking and the constant quest for innovation are the leading principles that bind together all the partners of Seal For Life Industries.

Training, Test & Product Qualification Center
Training, Test & Qualification Center Stadskanaal